Dos and Don’ts After Experiencing Fire Damage

Fire damage restoration in St. Petersburg, FL
Getting through a fire in your residential or commercial property is a devastating experience. It is perfectly natural to want to start working on restoring your space as quickly as possible so your life can return to normal. There are certain things as professionals that we would advise you to avoid, but other things you are welcome to do. Here are some examples.

Things You Can Do

Contact your insurance company

Before anything is changed in the home or you enter after the fire it is advised that you contact your insurance company. It is best to contact them within 24 hours of the incident. Your insurance company may advise you to do some things- like take photos of all the damage or secure the area- or not do something- like to avoid certain steps of restoration without professional assistance- and it is best to take what  they say seriously so you don’t jeopardize your coverage.

Consider your safety first

Before entering the home to do anything, consider your safety. Is the building structurally sound? After a fire there are often risks of electrical hazards due to the water from putting it out as well as the damage that was done to the wires themselves.

Limit your movement

The water that puts out the fire can make the area very slippery. Also consider the soot from the fire itself. Walking around in the home can cause the soot to get kicked up and embedded into upholstery and carpeting.

Check on your appliances

If your power is off it is a recommendation that you empty your fridge and keep the door open in order to prevent it from growing mold. Make sure to have a licensed HVAC contractor evaluate your AC system before running it again.  It may be covered with soot and debris that need professional restoration.

Things to Avoid

Don’t try to clean fixtures or clothing without the help of a professional

One unfortunate thing about fire damage is that sometimes cleaning after the fire without proper training or experience can actually end up causing more damage. Soot is a tiny particle and it will invade everything in your home, from furniture, to clothes, to appliances. Scrubbing it without proper products and tools, can cause it to embed itself deeper into your belongings. That is why having a professional like those at Disaster Recovery Pros assist you in your cleaning and restoration will not only make your job easier and less stressful, but will also ensure everything is done properly and without causing more damage.

Fire damage restoration

Don’t eat canned foods that may have been exposed to the fire

Food that was exposed to the damage can be contaminated and should not be eaten.

Don’t operate any electronics or try to repair any appliances that may have been exposed to water or fire damage. Turning on electronics like ceiling fans that may have been exposed to water, for example, can actually cause a risk. It is difficult to know whether or not the electrical system in your ceiling was exposed to water damage, therefore it can cause another incident. If you bring a professional fire damage restoration team on board to assist with your repairs and restoration they will handle all of the repairs and try to mitigate the damage to the best of their abilities, so you do not have to handle the responsibility of repairing your electronics and assume the risk of harm that may be caused due to the damage to the item.
We understand you may not want to push all of the repairs and cleaning onto someone else, but in the event of a fire it is very important to let the restoration team handle the job at hand. When you work with Disaster Recovery Pros we will walk you through the process and keep you informed so you will know exactly what is possible. Going through a fire is difficult enough, your recovery should be as stress free as possible. Choose a company you can trust, choose Disaster Recovery Pros. Contact us today.