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Hillary Rinehardt

Our son discovered a mysterious leak when he stopped by to check on our vacation home.He could not tell where the water was coming from.Being over 1000 miles away, I felt very helpless and vulnerable.I contacted Disaster Recovery Pros and they went right over to begin mitigating the damage.They quickly determined where the leak was coming from and the extent of the damage caused, which unfortunately included mold.They immediately quarantined the affected area to prevent any spread of the mold and started the remediation process. The whole team was professional and trustworthy, which was very important since I was not there during most of the process–I highly recommend DRP if you have a disaster!

Louis Ladson

You can’t any better than DisasterPros.Don’t waste your time…..call these guys & get it done right the first time.We did call & we are very happy!Our place(Lincourt Pharmacy) looks better now than it was before our disaster.

Jesse Williams

Disaster recovery pro did a great job restoring my home to a even better condition than it was before the leak happens. Working with Jim & Jill was a great experience and I would definitely recommend disaster pros for anyone who needs to there home renovated after a leak or mold remediation.

Carmen Slominski

We had a water leak inside a wall between a bathroom and an office on Xmas day, when we had our son’s family (two children and he and his wife) visiting.They not only showed up at noon on the 26th of December, but had a remediation team on site until 11 p.m. when the plumber finally got the leak under control.The remediation went on for a week, after which the reconstruction team took over.All work was done per our request and they dealt directly with the insurance company.Would strongly recommend them.

David Brown

I received a a call from my tenants on a Sunday morning about 8am. A pipe in the wall busted and flooded the first floor. Disaster Recovery Pros were quick to respond and started the clean up in less than 30 minutes! Very professional and had things under control immediately. Communication throughout the clean was great. Jill helped with insurance adjuster and did a Fantastic job. Thanks to the whole team for making things so easy.

Will Brummer

The Disaster Recovery Pros were in fact that….PROS! We had septic water back up into the house. We didn’t know what to do, we called the Disaster Recovery Pros and they immediately came over, handled the emergency and got everything in we needed and wanted. I would recommend this company

Deborah Garner

Disaster Recovery Pros did an outstanding job helping us when we needed them. Sean Wise and his team members were efficient, on time for appointments, and the work was very professional. If you need help, you will never find a better company to do the job. They are fabulous!

Suzanna Young

Disaster Recovery Pros did an amazing job taking care of water damage caused by a leaking hot water heater in a rental unit we have. They responded quickly to the emergency and had the water removed and moisture removal equipment in place that day. The repairs were completed quickly and we were very pleased with the results. The tech group did excellent work and were very pleasant and accommodating to the tenant . Jill did a wonderful job communicating with us and our insurance company throughout the process. We highly recommend their services.

Vicki Rubinstein

Great service. Worked hard to make sure I was happy. Very professional and in great communication.. always respond s to questions !! Very highly recommend!!

Betty Ann Marsh

Jill, Steve, and David and Carl are amazing! They provided fantastic service from start to finish. Jill offered invaluable information as to how to make the whole project be completed just the way we wanted it. We couldn’t be more satisfied — they deserve a 10 out of five stars. I would hire them again in a flash.

Malia Smiley

As a Realtor, Disaster Recovery Pros has been so good to me. They have come and saved the day on more than one occasion for me! Thankfully I have them as my trusted mold and water damage company. They are such a refreshing company to work with.

Kelly Brummer

I cannot say enough good things about Disaster Recovery Pros! We just bought our first house and 2 weeks in had septic water back up into the house. At first we didn’t know what it was, just saw water flowing out of walls and from under our hardwood floors! We were frantic and had no idea what to do! I can’t believe my luck in calling Jill at Disaster Recovery Pros. It was late on a Saturday night and they were there in less than 45 minutes, calling us a number of times and helping us with what to do until they could arrive on-site. They’ve continued to go above and beyond between the clean up, working with our insurance company and the rebuild. What could have been an even more stressful and damaging situation was quickly mitigated and I am beyond grateful to Jill, Sean and David.

Justin Matthews

I have been in Florida for 16 years. I have never found a company as amazing as Disaster Recovery Pros. The owners Sean and Jill are absolutely hands on, qualified, professional, on point and really do care about you and your situation. The care factor and genuine interest in you situation and getting you back to the way you were if not better in a timely fashion is unreal. There are few people that still really do care about what you want and need. You have found them, do yourself a favor and give them a call you will be nothing but, impressed.

Brandon Faust

Jill and her team are top notch. If you have a disaster in your home and need someone competent to handle it from start to finish, they can handle it for you. Loved the work they did!

Rob Ewing

Jill and team were excellent to deal with, made the clean up as effortless as possible, and understood our frustration with dealing with this type of an event and the insurance process.


Very knowledgeable handling disaster