6 Steps to Take After a Storm in Pinellas County

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Living in Pinellas County, Florida, you know how intense the weather can be. Various natural disasters happen, including hurricanes, heavy winds, and lightning, causing catastrophic damage to property and life. The aftermath of such storms is daunting and requires immediate action to recover from.

That’s why the experts at Disaster Recovery Pros are here to give you six steps to take after a storm. These steps will help minimize the damage to your property and accelerate recovery! Contact us to learn more about disaster recovery services!

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Step 1: Safety First!

After the storm, the first thing to do is to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. Avoid going outside until local authorities give the all-clear signal. Additionally, avoid standing water, as it may be contaminated with wastewater and harmful chemicals, which can cause illness and infections. Once everything is safe, check for damage to your home and call a professional restoration company like Disaster Recovery Pros for flood restoration.

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Step 2: Document the Damage

After ensuring your family’s safety, the next step is to document the extent of the damage to your home and personal belongings. This step is crucial, as it will help you file an insurance claim and receive the compensation you are entitled to. Detailed documentation of the damage also helps professional restoration companies like Disaster Recovery Pros to provide a more accurate restoration plan and determine the resources needed to restore your property.

Document everything that has been damaged, including electronics, appliances, furniture, and personal belongings. If there are specific items of sentimental or monetary value, be sure to capture them individually in photographs or videos to show that they were present at the time of the storm and were damaged.

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Step 3: Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company and start the process of filing a claim. Your insurance provider will send an adjuster to assess the damage and determine the amount of compensation you are entitled to. They will also provide you with emergency assistance and move your damaged property from water or remove falling trees that can cause danger.

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Step 4: Call a Professional Restoration Company

After ensuring your family’s safety and contacting your insurance company, contact a licensed restoration company like Disaster Recovery Pros. We have experienced and professional technicians who can handle all kinds of flood restoration and disaster recovery. We work with your insurance company to ensure that the process is seamless and stress-free.

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Step 5: Begin the Restoration Process

Once the restoration company arrives, a proper assessment of the damage will be made, and a plan of action will be created. The restoration process includes water extraction, mold remediation, and flood restoration of damaged areas. The faster you begin the process, the better the chances of saving your property from further damage.

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Step 6: Prevent Future Damage

After restoration, take precautions to prevent future damage. Trim any overhanging branches, fix any leaks or cracked windows, and consider waterproofing your property to avoid flood damages in the future. A professional restoration company like Disaster Recovery Pros can offer you preventative measures to protect your property from future disasters.

Get Disaster Recovery Support in Pinellas County

Experiencing a natural disaster can be terrifying, but it is not the end of the world. Taking these six steps after a storm in Pinellas County will help you minimize the damage to your property and ensure swift recovery. Therefore, ensure your family’s safety and document the damage while contacting your insurance company and restoration company like Disaster Recovery Pros. We are here to help you in your most trying times, providing you with the best flood restoration and disaster recovery services. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to Disaster Recovery Pros today!

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